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After three generations of hobby wine making and 40 years in the maple syrup industry, it was only natural to have maple wine in our sights.


In 2017, in dedication of our 40th anniversary, the fourth Garland generation created this new delightful dessert wine in appreciation to all of our customers over the years as we promise to keep delivering new products as our maple operation grows.


We hope you enjoy this tasty maple delicacy as much as we do.


Please enjoy responsibly with your friends and family.


This maple wine is made with our very own 100% pure maple syrup which features smooth maple aromas.


Excellent as an aperitif with a lemon or orange zest or to accompany your dessert. This wine will be an excellent compliment to your meal.

Serve chilled.


Maple Wine - 750ml

  • For the moment, we can only ship this product within Ontario.

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